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Steal my Instagram DM Strategy


Hey small business owner 👋 

Ready to start converting your Instagram stories into sales? Let’s dive into how you can use Instagram stories to grow your business, drive more leads and warm up a cold audience.


how to sell to your instagram story viewers

The bulk of my sales in my business has come from using Instagram Stories and DMs, and over the years I’ve perfected my own strategy that feels nice and nurturing.

I’m not online 24/7 (that’s a one-way ticket to burnout, babes) and I don’t need to be – because I have found strategic ways to use Stories and conversations in the DMs that lead to sales. In this blog post, 

I’m going to outline my exact method I use in every launch, so keep reading if you want to learn my step-by-step process, including DM scripts I’ve used!

Does selling in the DMs or on Instagram Stories feel sleazy, pushy or inauthentic? That’s what I hear from most of my clients – but it doesn’t have to be that way! 

Let’s dive into what I’ve found coverts Instagram Story Views into sales

🪩 Gadge the room

Use the interactive stickers on IG (like the polls or slider) to do a temperature check on how people are feeling about a certain pain point. Using the interactive stickers is also great because you don’t have to show your face (although I’d always recommend showing your face whenever possible) but they’re still a really easy way to engage with your audience.

Because my schtick is all about helping people with their content, the question I often use is: “How are you feeling about your content this week?”

Other examples can include:

  • “How do you feel about your website at the moment?”
  • “Where are you at with your fitness goals this month?”
  • “How would you rate your relationship with sustainability?”

This first question can be quite broad, and you want the options to reflect 3 different stages of their journey (ie. confident, getting there, not got a clue) so that you can easily see where they fall and where you can jump into help.

Top tip: The outcome of your polls should always be a mixed bag. If your audience is 100% in the confident answers, you may be asking the wrong questions and need to tweak it going forward.

An Instagram DM that reads: “Hey [name] 👋 You tapped [this option] on my poll! Thanks for joining the conversation, I have strong opinions on this 😉 [insert relevant question based on the subject of the poll]

🛼 Ask a leading question

Once you’re done reading the room, use the poll sticker again to ask a more specific question directly related to an offer you’re selling. Below is an example I’ve used for my group program The Content Circle, where I asked my followers on Instagram:

  • “When you have a new offer out, do you…
  • Create a few posts and pin them
  • Make a content strategyUmmm no idea really”

This is called a ‘soft sell’ – you’re teasing your audience that you have something you can support them with.

Top tip: It’s also important to use language that your target audience is using. This will get easier the more you’re posting to Stories and having conversations in the DMs, so reflect and refine as you go!

Once the answers start rolling in, check in on the poll results and see who voted on the last options to start engaging in conversation. 

💡 Showing their interest

Now is the time to shout about your offer! Talk about your offer in more detail, whether that’s talking direct to camera or using some Canva slides that explain the what, where, and how of your offer. At the end of your spiel, add an interest poll with only two answers that are the same, for example: “I’d love to learn more!” and “This sounds EPIC.”

This is basically just asking permission for you to slide into their DMs. Adding in a negative option is not helpful at this stage, so save yourself the bruised ego from those uninterested right now.

Wait 24 hours for your Story to expire, check who’s voted, then start sliding into those DMs! You can afford to be more direct – here’s a DM template you can use for people interested in your offer:

“Hey [name] 👋

WELL THIS IS EXCITING! You tapped [this option] on my poll, so I’m sliding in your DMs with all the info about [offer] 😉

[insert relevant info]

Sound good? Tap here to [book a call or buy now] 🔥”

Don’t be afraid to ask them what’s holding them back from purchasing if they seem hesitant. Open the door for any specific questions they have and what they need from you. The most important part of selling in the DMs is giving your leads a safe space to ask you absolutely anything. Because even if they don’t buy now, the fact that you’re giving them this time and space builds up trust for the future when they might be more ready to buy from you.

Don’t forget:

💕 You’re not being annoying when you sell
💕 Polls are great icebreakers
💕 Use language your audience uses

Like anything, practice makes perfect. The more you practise talking about your offer on Stories and having conversations with people in the DMs, the easier it will feel. Don’t be hard so hard on yourself, we all have to start somewhere!


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Jessica Bruno

your go-to social media strategist & Marketing coach

I’m on a mission to shake up the content marketing game for small business owners. When you’re rolling with me as your social media strategist – you can say goodbye to stress and hello to fun, easy, and effective content creation that actually brings in sales! 

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