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Join the Content Circle

Go from ‘chucking content up and hoping for the best’ to a smooth, sustainable content strategy that sells your offer

6 Month Group Coaching Program

This is where your marketing journey transforms.

Small business owners who ready to work smarter, not harder, this is your strategy haven. Say goodbye to heavy, clunky marketing and hello to nimble, adaptable tactics. 

This program is the next step for you if;

You're eager to dive deep into the intricacies of your business.

You want to take increase your sales

You're looking for a sustainable, proven sales strategy

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what's included

1:1 Strategy Development

The programme includes three 1:1 60-minute strategy sessions with Jess to create your bespoke marketing plan (£1050 value)

6 Months of Bespoke Support

6 months of personalised feedback on your content, where your posts are reviewed and optimised weekly. (£12,000 value)

12 Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

Twice per month, the group meets for our interactive group coaching calls, including hands-on, actionable progress (£1800 value)



The Content Circle Timeline

October 2023

1:1 Kick Off Call
Complete audit of current marketing, create a step-by-step personalised strategy to follow for the first 3 months

Workshop 1 | Digital Footprint Detox
We kickstart the program with this workshop as it’s crucial for small business owners. We conduct a comprehensive audit of your entire online presence and optimise it.

November 2023

Workshop 3 | Customer Journey Evaluation & Refinement 
We’ll optimise your links beyond just the link in your bio to be user-friendly and drive leads. This workshop ensures that your online journey is smooth and effective.

Workshop 4| Content Super Stars 
Using data from your insights, we identify which of your content is performing the best. We use this data to create an algorithm-friendly content strategy tailored to your business. This strategy is based on what has proven to work effectively.

January 2024

Workshop 5 | Target Audience Analysis
Let’s delve deeper into understanding who your target audiences are. We find out where they’re hanging out online and what their buyer intent is.

Workshop 7 | Audience Buckets
We categorise your community different audience segments. This enables us to tailor your content to these distinct groups using various communication methods. For example, refining your email list by categorising clients, past clients, current clients, or customers, current customers, previous customers, etc.

February 2024

Workshop 7 | Email Marketing Part 1
From your sign-up page to your weekly email Рthis workshop will help you bring in consistent subs and write your outgoing newsletters. In this session we also set-up 5 funnels to convert your email list into customers. 

Workshop 8 | Collabs
Let’s get you directly in front of your target audience with strategic collaborations. We not only write the pitches, but send them off to your new potential partners!

March 2024

Workshop 9 | Growth VS Community Content
Let’s amplify your lead generation by communicating your offer clearly and optimising your CTAs.¬†Say goodbye to cold DMs and hello to dreamy clients filling your inbox!

Workshop 10 | Rinse & Repeat Campaign Strategy
In this workshop, we focus on a campaign strategy that you can use repeatedly to launch new products or services. It’s about refining your strategy to achieve consistent success.

April 2024

Workshop 11 | Long form Content
We look at injecting a new long-form (YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Blogs) into your content strategy – because if someone is reading your blog post or listening to your 30min podcast, they’re more likely to work with you in the near future!

Workshop 12 | Future Proofing Consistency 
We create a content schedule for you to stick to, you can learn how to keep up with trends and, as a bonus, you get a ‘things to tweak’ audit list to help you stay focused.


Meet your coach jess bruno

I specialise in slow and sustainable content marketing strategies for small business owners. I have supported over 200 creative businesses to produce a content strategy that supports their ambitions and hits their strategic business goals.

The Content Circle¬†gives your business the time and space to co-create a buttery, smooth strategy that won’t stress you out!

Frequently asked questions

Enrolment ends on the 3rd of October 2023 and the course kicks off on the 9th of October. 

Your entire marketing strategy will be up-levelled. You will leave with a refined and clean online presence.
Your social networks will finally be consistent over all platforms and you’ll be feeding you newsfeed with a constant flow of killer content that positions YOU as the expert.¬†

  • The business stops being stagnant¬†¬†¬†¬†
  • This program brings accountability and focus to keep movement happening.
  • You get a strategy that is sustainable and able to be continued with ease.¬†

You will feel a dramatic weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and content creation will become much easier.

Topics Covered 

  • Link in bio¬†optimisation for more clicks
  • ‘About me’ section written in short and long form and SEO compatible
  • Tone of voice¬†guidelines
  • Branding¬†tune up
  • Outbound Engaging¬†Tactics
  • DM‚Äôs / Networking¬†Agenda
  • How to book strategic collaborations ¬†
  • Video tips and editing¬†for conversations
  • LinkedIn¬†Profile Optimization
  • Instagram¬†Profile Optimization
  • Tiktok¬†Profile Optimization
  • Email Marketing¬†Cadence
  • Email opt in¬†flow
  • Email Marketing Campaign Sign Ups¬†< how to drive leads
  • Organic Follower Growth
  • Organic Engagement Growth
  • Lead Generation Funnels

No, all benefits of The Content Club are included in this new group coaching program.

You will not be charged twice, and we will sort this all out for you

You can either choose to pay a one-time payment of £2875 (and save £100) or split the cost over the course of 7 months at £425.00 per month (this will be billed via direct debit).

They are held twice per month, on Tuesdays between 1:00 – 2:30pm. Replays will be available if you can’t make the live session.

We have a 1:1 kick off call, midway check in and an off-boarding strategy call. You will be sent a calendar link to book a time that suits you, and replays will be available.