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☕️ Alright, girls, let’s spill the tea on TikTok marketing. While everyone’s chasing trends, I’ve got the real secrets for you. Who says you need to hop on every viral dance or hashtag bandwagon? Today, we’re embracing laziness in the most fabulous way possible to conquer your TikTok marketing goals like the badass small business owners we are! 🎉

🍦Here’s the scoop, my lovelies: You can grow on TikTok without breaking a sweat on those cringe dance challenges. It’s all about embracing your authentic self and simply talking to that camera like your face-timing with your BFF. That’s right, “lazy TikTok marketing” is just as effective. Let’s break it down into three as AF TikTok marketing strategies.

🎥 Method 1) POV Vlogs

Instead of spending hours perfecting dance moves, just talk to that camera like you’re spilling juicy gossip with your besties. Share anecdotes, dish out advice, or give a sneak peek into your word day.

💡For example, check out this ‘open my small business office with me’ TikTok vlog by Stardust by Allie💡.

Allie [the creator of the TikTok video] walks viewers through a simple, yet exciting POV (point of view) style vlog, sharing the behind-the-scenes on a morning in her office.

She uses a simple caption ‘small biz morning vlog!☀️✨’ 

And two specific and relevant hashtags: #smallbusiness #openmystore

The TikTok video is just 1 minute long and includes clips of her office set up, coffee mug and more!

Over the top of the video, she describes what she’s seeing by using the ‘voice over feature’ and at the end of the video, encourages viewers to follower her journey (and her TikTok page).

🎥 Method 2) One Take Trends

Trending audio sound bites on TikTok can help grow your page, but trying to memorise the words, you have to lip sync AND THEN perform it to the camera. Nightmare. I know you don’t have time for that, dear reader.

That’s why, inside The Content Club (our small biz content membership), we send our members’ one-take trends every Friday 👀

A one-take trend on TikTok is a quick and simple lip-sync challenge where users perform to bite-sized audio clips. In just one take, creators sync their lips perfectly to the audio, adding their unique style and personality. Check out how creator rani and co jumped on the most recent short audio clip from The Little Mermaid

💡 Jump on trends that won’t take you all day to perfect. You’re not a pageant child on Toddlers and Tiaras. You’re a small business owner! We gotta be careful with our fleeting time. 

REMINDER: There “lazy marketing methods” don’t give you a free hall pass on being distant. Engage with your TikTok community, respond to comments, and show them some love.

Now you’ve discovered the sneaky shortcut to TikTok marketing that doesn’t require you to break a sweat.


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