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Why you should start a blog for your small business

(and how to get started)

Blogging is a powerful tool in your belt to expand your reach and show off your expertise. Scroll down to read more about the power of blogs and why all small businesses should look into it as part of their content marketing.


Why is blogging important for small businesses?

You probably didn’t start your small business to become a blogger. And with all the other hats you have to wear (accounts, admin, sales, social media, etc), blogging can feel like just one other thing to add to the list. However, blogging is a powerful tool that can help people find your business for years to come.

Unlike social media platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn, blogs have a long shelf life–we’re talking YEARS. With the right keywords and search engine optimisation tricks, your blog posts can drive people to your website, and convert them, on autopilot, while you focus on the aspects of your business that you love.

Having a blog also means that you stay in control of your own content. You aren’t restricted by social media algorithms or have to live in fear of your content being restricted or taken down–your posts stay up (and discoverable) for as long as you keep your website up.

Keep reading for some top tips to get started in your small biz blogging journey:

💡 Coming up with blog ideas

A blog is a great hub for all of your knowledge and a way to build credibility with potential customers and loyal fans alike. Use your small business blog to flex your knowledge of your industry and niche, give your audience a peak behind the curtain of your brand, and even show off some case studies of clients and customers who use your products or services.

Here are some ideas for small business blog posts:

  • How to [something in your niche] – Even as a Complete Beginner
  • What Not to Do: Things to Avoid After [something you teach your clients]
  • 5 Facts About [your industry] That You Probably Didn’t Know
  • My Founder Journey: Why I Started My Small Business
  • 10 Products in Our Shop that Make the Perfect Gifts for [Christmas/Birthdays/Valentine’s Day]


Don’t forget to reach out to your existing audience to ask them what they want to hear from you! There’s nothing like going straight to the source to figure out what people would be interested in reading about.


💻 Pick your blogging platform

If you’re a baby biz that doesn’t have your own website yet, you can look into a platform like Substack. Although Substack is a newsletter platform, they also have the ability for you to set up an archive page that looks just like a blog (like this one). This means that subscribers and lurkers alike can browse past posts on your Substack page.

But I recommend having your own website from the get-go, as you’re not bound to an algorithm, and you have complete control of your content and how it looks.

If you have a website hosted on platforms like Squarespace, WordPress, or Wix, they will have blogging sections built in for you to get started right away! Take time to explore the help pages to get you set up for success, explore the content management system, and start drafting your blog posts.

🗣️ Promoting your blog content

Once you get into the flow of blogging, it’s important to promote it regularly. SEO (search engine optimisation) is a long game, and although the payoff can be HUGE, you will have to do your bit at the start to keep it going.

Make sure to promote any new posts on your social channels. Search engines love traffic and referrals from social media, as it tells them you are writing content that people find valuable, and you are worth boosting up the rankings.

Pinterest is also the perfect place to promote your blog! Pinterest SEO also has a long shelf life, meaning that people can discover your content for years to come. This makes it less intense than other social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok, as you won’t be forced to constantly show up. Take some time to create 3-5 pins for each blog post–you can find lots of different templates in Canva to keep it looking fresh and engaging.

The Number 1 Small Business Blogging Resource 🥇

Now you know why blogging is important for your small business, and how to get started, you need to actually write your content. Lucky for you, The Content Club is CHOCK FULL of blogging templates and SEO tips to make sure your blog goes far.

The blogging templates inside tell you exactly how to structure your blogs, where to put your keywords, and ideas for different types of blogs you can write as a small business owner.

We also have 100’s other resources, such as caption templates, workshops, group coaching, and community support–all for just £30 a month! (With no fixed term, cancel your subscription whenever you want).

Click here to get access to your blogging templates today!


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