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Three Easy Email Templates Perfect for Small Biz Owners

Would you still have a business if your socials got deleted?

As a small business owner, it’s important to build your email list alongside your social media accounts, so that if anything ever happens to them, you have your email community to fall back on and continue communication with.

In this blog post, we’re helping you out with 3 email templates you can use to start building a relationship with your email list today.


Why building an email list as a small business is important

What would you do if your Instagram page – or social media of choice – was randomly deleted?

You spend years building a business on social media, getting your followers grafting, posting content… and one day, it disappears.

I once had a client who had 10k followers on her Instagram account. She wanted to monetise her community and grow her page.

We clicked, signed the contract, and created the strategy.

After only two weeks of working together, the account was hacked and we both lost access.

10k followers, gone.

The first thing I told her was to create a backup account and email her list to let her know her account was hacked.

She hadn’t been focused on emails, and only had 250 people on her list.

250 people is a good amount of leads, but compared to the 10k followers she spent years working on growing, it felt quite disheartening. She didn’t have the energy to build that community again from scratch.

This can happen all the time. That’s why it’s so important to own your data, meaning getting the people from your follower list onto your email list.

This way, if your social media page does disappear, you can still contact them and let them know how to work with you, how to buy stuff, or even how to follow your new page.

So what do you do if this happens to you?

😮‍💨 Breath
You’ve built from scratch before, you can do it again.

🕰️ Get a time machine
Go back to when you first started your account, set up a lead generation for your email list, and start building that alongside your social media account.

Don’t have a time machine? Don’t worry babes, I’ve got you!

Go find an email platform you like (I recommend MailerLite, Brevo or Flodesk) and once you’re all set up…

Here are three email templates you can use for your small business today:

The Welcome Email

This email should be automated so that anyone signing up immediately recieves it, before you start warming up with your regular email content:

“Subject Line: Welcome to the club!

Hi [name],

Well, this is exciting: Welcome (officially) to the email list! I’m so excited to have you.

[Add a brand photo or a fun GIF]

Being in your inbox is a privilege that I don’t take lightly. We’ve all got that family member who sends far too many cat updates – but I promise, friend, you’ll get the important stuff from me.

I’m here to help make sure you get the results you want from [service/offer/product you offer]. My aim is to [your value proposition] – so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Can’t wait for us to get to know each other!

[Your sign off]”

The Cornerstone Content Email

This is another email you can send early on in your email relationship with your audience so they can better understand what valuable content you provide.

“Subject: What made me famous

Hey [name],

More than anything else I’ve [done/written/recorded] in my business, no piece of content has had more impact than this:

[Link to a blog post, podcast, video etc. that’s performed well/has loads of value].

Here’s why it’s worth [x minutes] of your time:

  • [Key takeaway 1]
  • [Key takeaway 2]
  • [Key takeaway 3]

This is what [name] said about it:

[Insert a testimonial/top comment here].

Sounds good? If you like this topic, make sure to [insert something you want them to follow, join, etc.].

I will even occasionally make content based on your comments, ideas, or suggestion, so I hope to see you there.

[Your sign off]”

The Engaging Email

This email serves as a direct ask – now that they’ve signed up to your email list, what exactly do they want to see that will keep them subscribed?

“Subject: What’s your problem?

Hey [name],

Quick question for you…

What is your BIGGEST problem when it comes to [insert niche/topic]?

Hit reply and let me know. Vent, spill your guts, and tell me what’s on your mind!


Because I want to help you.

And I want to make sure the content I’m sending out is super relevant to you. Let’s make [problem] a thing of the past!

[Your signoff]

P.S. – this isn’t one of those emails where if you respond, I try to sell you something. This is a genuine question so I know how to serve you best on this email list – and, of course, everything is confidential.”

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