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Authenticity on Social Media, with Oyinka Yusuff: The Content Club Pod

Welcome to The Content Club pod, with your host Jess Bruno! This week’s episode is the first in a series of interviews with other small biz owners who have chronic illnesses, and juggle life and business alongside it.

Today I’m chatting with Oyinka Yusuff, an actor and founder of Moss & Glow, a beauty and personal care brand. We sat down for a juicy chat all about authenticity on social media. 

Oyinka started her small business journey when she discovered the power of sea moss and how it cleared up her psoriasis after a particularly bad flare up. She wanted more people to experience the power of sea moss, so Moss & Glow was born!

I love Oyinka because she’s so real and says it how it is – and that’s also reflected in her content!

Get your notes app up and dive into this episode to learn more about:

  • What psoriasis is and how it impacted Oyinka’s and day to day life since she was 18 years old.
  • How being introduced to sea moss not only helped in clearing up her psoriasis, but inspired her to start a business to help others.
  • How social media platforms like Snapchat helped document her psoriasis journey and how she uses that in her content.
  • What social proof is and how Oyinka does it so organically by screenshotting customer feedback.
  • How Oyinka uses WhatsApp as part of her sales strategy.
  • The power behind sharing your story and transformation.

Oyinka is a breath of fresh air and her journey is so inspiring, you would want to miss this one!

Follow Oyinka Yusuff on Instagram @oyinkayusuff1 and make sure to check out her personal care brand, Moss & Glow @mossandglow

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