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Welcome to The Content Club pod, with your host Jess Bruno! Today we had a chat with fellow ADHDer Katie McManus. Katie is an ADHD Business Coach & Strategist whose motto is “stop being a weenie and start your business!” She coaches ADHD, heart-centered entrepreneurs who need to step out of fear and scale their businesses.

Katie had a “great” career in the world of Sales and Marketing – before she walked away and created the life she really wanted. Trained in Co-Active Coaching and Leadership, she blends her expertise in business, coaching, sales, and marketing, to create custom strategies for her clients. She runs multiple communities, is the host of “The Weeniecast”, and a devoted dog-mom.

Listen to learn more about:

  • How ADHD acted as a springboard for Katie as she was able to hyper-focus on her business.
  • Katie’s journey with using social media and how she accidentally went viral on LinkedIn.
  • Dopamine hits that social media engagement bring and how people with ADHD can avoid getting addicted.
  • What is executive dysfunction and how Katie works with her ADHD, rather than against it.

If you have ADHD, you’re gonna love this ep and get a lot of amazing takeaways from it, so I hope you love it!

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