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How to run a thriving small business, with May James

Welcome to The Content Club pod, with your host Jess Bruno! We’re continuing our series interviewing small business owners living with chronic illnesses. In today’s episode, we’re speaking to May James, who lives with ME/CFS.

May James is an award winning global business consultant, trusted advisor and speaker that helps entrepreneurs to scale their businesses sustainably. May also runs a preloved fashion recycling business, is the host of the Honest Business Podcast, and champions living fully in the everyday. 

She works daily with rapidly growing businesses to expand their revenue, team and impact via proven strategy and leading expertise. Her outstanding and consistent results are down to her distinctive, no-BS approach of driving success and transformation. 

May has built a community of thriving women around the world who are armed with the tools to excel in business and live a fulfilling life. Her refreshing and honest approach to empowering ambitious women to feel more confident on their entrepreneurial journey is unrivalled.

Tune into this juicy episode to learn more about:

  • May’s first business, her background in sales, and how her chronic illness impacted the early stages of her work life, leaving her 70-80% bedbound.
  • How May structures her day, puts up boundaries, and made strategic hires to help her manage both her life and her business.
  • Value -based pricing vs. hourly rates, and why it’s important to not undervalue yourself as a small business owner with a chronic illness.
  • The importance of strategy and understanding the purpose and desired outcome before creating content.
  • How strategic planning and setting realistic expectations can help entrepreneurs overcome challenges and stay resilient in the face of uncertainty. 
  • Small ways you can sell every day in your business, and May suggests making a commitment to selling every day for a year to change your business and life.
  • Figuring out how to prioritise friendships, family relationships and work/career, and how it’s okay that those priorities change over time.

May is an absolute boss and an inspiration, we hope you love this episode as much as we did!

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