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Welcome to The Content Club pod, with your host Jess Bruno! We’re back with another episode in my series where I chat with other small business owners with chronic illnesses.

This episode’s a special one, because we’re sitting down with The Content Club’s own resident copywriter, Ella! She has been a part of The Content Club team since the beginning, providing copy templates, content prompts, and fab support for the members inside.

Outside of The Content Club, Ella helps misfit creatives, solopreneurs & small biz owners feel seen & heard in their content through copywriting and marketing strategy. Ella helps them tell stories in ways that connect with their people, while aiming to be a partner using their expertise as a Creative Director.

Since her early teens, Ella has been struggling with depression and anxiety, so today we sit down and discuss her mental health journey and how she juggles managing her mood and her business.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • How Zoella’s old vlogs helped Ella realise she was suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, and how that led her to advocate to herself with her GP.
  • How Ella went from furlough to freelance during the early stages of the pandemic.
  • Putting the brakes on in your business to take care of your mental (and physical) health and how Ella managed it when she had a mental health crash during Christmas 2020.
  • The importance of listening to your gut and finding right-fit clients and support teams.
  • Why it’s so important to get your messaging clear in your content, whether you’re an intuitive poster or a batcher.

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