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Social Media as a Way to Connect, with Angel: The Content Club Pod

Welcome to The Content Club pod, with your host Jess Bruno! We’re back with another episode in my series where I chat with other small business owners with chronic illnesses.

I sat down with Angel, who at just 19 years old is the founder of an organic lead generation agency. Her company provides organic lead generation to online e-commerce businesses, where their focus is on building real relationships and expanding your audience to create a warm and magnetic community. Their process is the perfect balance of business strategy and intuitive, aligned action.

A couple of years ago after being diagnosed with lupus, Angel decided to drop out of beauty school and start her own business. I’ve invited her onto the podcast to have a natter with me about her journey in managing both her business and this autoimmune disease.

Listen to learn more about:

  • Living with lupus and how Angel manages the different symptoms that emerge everyday.
  • How being immunocompromised influenced Angel’s decision to drop out of college and start her own business.
  • How Angel realised that social media was a tool for connecting with other people and finding community in a safe way.
  • The importance of taking time off and how business is a safe space for those with a chronic illness.
  • How Angel went from hating posting content to posting almost every day, and how she views it as a form of inspiration and rest.
  • How Angel approaches her content when she’s having a bad week or a flare up.

I relate a lot of Angel’s story of managing a chronic illness and using social media as a tool for connection, so I hope you love this episode as much as I do!

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