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Group marketing course

Watch us Grow

Go from ‘panic posting and hoping for the best’ to a smooth, consistent content strategy that drive sales, engagement & visibility… in 90 days!

the group programme is for you if...




*to the tune of Shania* LET'S GROW GIRLS.                                           Applications open in September.


✔️ Apply proven strategies to upload a consistent flow of engaging content

✔️ Fill your DMs with dreamy leads who are pre-qualified to work with you

✔️ Build, launch and grow high-converting funnels

✔️ Feel in control of your screen time and rest assured that your business is growing on auto-pilot while you invest in rest

✔️ Accelerate your success with ready-to-use templates, and content prompts

This is the game-changing move that you, your business and your mindset has been waiting for.

Hi, I'm Jess 👋

I specialise in slow and sustainable content marketing strategies for small business owners. I have supported over 200 creative businesses to produce a content strategy that supports their ambitions and hits their strategic business goals.

The WATCH US GROW gives your business the time and space to co-create a buttery, smooth strategy that won’t stress you out!

WATCH US GROW is perfect for you if...

You're an established small business owner who wants to ELEVATE their online presence

You know there must be a way to STOP panic-posting and start running your marketing in an authentic, consistent way.

You hate writing copy and want to use proven, plug-and-play templates that actually sound like you.

The Timeline

Because you’re wondering, scroll down to see the timeline of every live session inside:

Date TBC

We have a thorough content coaching session (based on a robust on-boarding process you will be sent prior) to get into the nitty gritty of what’s been holding you back and set intentions and create milestones for you over the next 3 months. 

We kickstart the program with this workshop as it’s crucial for small business owners. We conduct a comprehensive audit of your entire online presence and optimise it with SEO-friendly copy.

We categorise your community with different audience segments. This enables us to tailor your content to these distinct groups using various communication methods. For example, refining your email list by categorising clients, past clients, current clients, or customers, current customers, previous customers, etc.

We’ll optimise your links beyond just the link in your bio to be user-friendly and drive leads. This workshop ensures that your online journey is smooth and effective.

Using data from your insights, we identify which of your content is performing the best. We use this data to create an algorithm-friendly content strategy tailored to your business. This strategy is based on what has proven to work effectively.

Date TBC

From your sign-up page to your weekly email, in this session we set-up a welcome message, abandoned cart automation and a “thank you” message. We also write your OOO, coz protecting boundaries is a non-negotiable round these ends.

Remember the great Instagram black out of 2022? (and how glitchy she is on the regs?) What about when Facebook & WhatsApp went down? NOT ideal for small business owners who use content to promote themselves – but babes, you need to COLLECT THAT SEXY DATA! Aka, we need to drive your audience off your gram’ and onto your email list with a juicy freebie funnel. That’s what we’re creating (and making go live) in today’s session.


Ready, set, LAUNCH! In workshop 7, I’m walking you through a step-by-step launch campaign. You’ll walk away from this sesh with a forever blueprint that will tell you WTF to post, and whenTF to post it! AND we’ll be implementing this campaign right way to launch your brand new freebie!

There’s only two things you need to nail to grow online. 1) Sh*t hot content and 2) Showing up directly in front of your audience. In this session, we’re working on number 2 and finding the online spaces your audience is handing out in abundance, and create an action plan to meet them there!

Date TBC

Following on from workshop 8, now we know where your audience is hanging out, we are going to pitch strategic, mutually beneficial collaborations GALORE!  

We look at injecting a new long-form (YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Blogs) into your content strategy – because if someone is reading your blog post or listening to your 30 min podcast, they’re more likely to work with you in the near future!

By this point, you’ll be totally clear on who your content is for and how you’re positioning yourself online, but at some point, life will do that classic life thing and throw a HUGE spanner in the works, so in today’s workshop we’re creating a plan to maintain momentum, through the wobbly moments.

In the final session, we’re creating a big f*ck off document, that includes: your brand colours, fonts, logos, social templates, tone of voice guide, target audience guide and more. You will return to this doc whenever you need to remember WHO YOU ARE – and it’s great to use in a handover situation (when you get that VA!)


Tier 1

£ 1650 or £550 p/m over 3 months
  • 60-minute kickoff strategy session
  • 12 Group Coaching Sessions
  • Access to portal with replays and resources
  • WhatsApp Group for on-the-go support

Tier 2

£ 2400 or £800 p/m over 3 months
  • 60-minute kickoff strategy session
  • 12 Group Coaching Sessions
  • Access to portal with replays and resources
  • WhatsApp Group for on-the-go support​
  • PLUS Monthly 1:1 Strategy Calls
    three 1:1 60-minute strategy sessions with Jess where we can into the intricacies of how you position your small business online
  • PLUS Real-time Feedback and Optimisation
    3 months of personalised feedback on your content, where your posts are reviewed and optimised weekly

Ready to GROW?

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